Posted by: Cindy | October 23, 2009

i can finally access my pictures

patrick finally fixed the computer–it now will acknowledge my digital camera.  i may do a catch-up blog entry about all the fun things we did this summer–and i might not.  for now i am going to fulfill an urgent request by a couple of my siblings to show-off the product of my house-remodeling project.  i put the pics on flickr–you can see them here;

new vintage lane dresser and mirror

[note– i know it’s annoying when people don’t use capitals when they should.  i actually hate it.  but my keyboard, you see, is broken.  everything works fine except the shift keys.  it’s kind of my fault too.  i tried rearranging the furniture without pat’s help and i damaged the place where the keyboard wire connects to the computer.  so yes, i’m the computer programmer’s wife with the crappy computer.]


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