Posted by: Cindy | March 23, 2009

Sophie’s birthday

Sophie turned 10 on March 9.  As cliche as it is to say, kids really do grow up fast!  The Saturday before her birthday she had a party with her friends.  We did an American Girl mystery party with a Halloween theme:


Here is Sophie dressed as Molly, dressed as a gypsy (Her friend, Rachael is next to her in the hula costume.):2-rot

Isn’t she cute?  In order to make the Molly glasses I bought glasses at Saver’s and popped the lenses out.

Where does one find Halloween decorations in March?  Why, D.I., of course!  I found enough of these shiney plastic pumpkins to give out as party favors.  I filled them with Halloween stickers, ghost-shaped candles, and candy.  Everything but the candy came from D.I.  Here are two of the favors (aren’t they pretty?):


Lilly made her a delicious yellow cake with cream cheese frosting (completely from scratch!):


Here are all the party attendees in costume (I was the stern housekeeper):


On the night of her birthday we had a family party with chicken rolls and homemade German chocolate cake.  Here is Alice eating her chicken roll with Grandpa:


And here is the birthday girl with her addictingly good cake (notice how yellow the frosting is thanks to our free-range eggs!):


Sophie got a bubble maker from one of her friends and it was a big hit among the little cousins:





  1. WOW, I cant believe how old Sophie is! Looks like a very fun birthday party! Its fun to see pictures of everyone growing up. Thanks for updating!

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