Posted by: Cindy | March 22, 2009


Introducing the three newest members of our family:


On the night of March 2/3 our cat, Penny, gave birth to four kittens in Patrick’s closet.  Sadly the second kitten–a male black and white tuxedo– was stillborn.  The three surviving kittens are nearly 3 weeks old and are cute as can be.  Cat genetics are a funny thing.  Penny is a brown tabby with tortiseshell markings on her back.  None of the kittens look anything like her.  Here is Henry holding Olivia, the firstborn (notice his first missing tooth!):


Olivia is my favorite.  I think she has the prettiest markings.  Here is another picture of her:


Here is Alice holding Francis, the only surviving male:


And here’s Alice holding the lastborn, Grace (Sophie is holding Olivia):


Grace has the sweetest face and the most fearless personality.  Here is another shot of her:


Here are the kittens with their mama at about 2 weeks old:


And when they were about 2 days old:


Our original plan was to keep one kitten and find a new home for the other two but I fear we’re all getting too attached.  Is five cats too many for one family?  We’re surely spaying/nuetering everyone so we don’t have to deal with kittens again.



  1. Chris would DIE in your house, he is sooooo allergic to cats!!! 😦 They look very cute though and I bet are a HUGE hit with all the kids!! good luck with them all.

  2. Normally I would want Francis since he’s orange, but I’ll take Grace because I’m due for girl cat. Too bad they aren’t old enough. I was just telling Mike that I wanted a kitten.

    Thanks so much for the boots! Thaddeus loves them! I just got out his first pair of boots for Violet to wear. So cute!

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