Posted by: Cindy | December 22, 2008

Partners in crime

Ben’s youngest daughter, Lena, was 21 months when they moved in wth us.  She was so mean to Alice the first few months–hitting, biting, hair-pulling, knocking her down any time my back was turned.  Pretty typical for the age but still very frustrating to deal with.  And poor little Alice! What a way to live.

Well, fast-forward 6 months and sweet little Alice, now 18 months, has become the aggressor.  She’s all about the pre-emptive strikes and will walk casually up to Lena and pull her hair or smack her in the face for no obvious reason.  A few days ago she scratched Lena’s eye so badly that it watered all day.  Poor Lena!

There is some light on the horizon though.  They have started playing together.  Usually it takes Sadie and her 3-year-old’s imagination to lead them in a game of Mommy and Babies but the other night Sadie went to sleep early so it was just Alice and Lena.  They had a lot of fun getting in trouble together and didn’t fight at all:


Little girls make big messes!

Little girls make big messes!


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