Posted by: Cindy | December 12, 2008

Third post of the day

My new camera holds 200 pictures so I don’t seem to get around to downloading them very often.  Today was the first time in more than a month so make sure you read all three posts I’ve made today :).

I was talking to Amanda today and told her I’d post pics of the new greenhouse Ben made.  It’s nothing fancy and so far is growing nothing but weeds:

p1000154p1000269This is also for Amanda.  Here is the vintage coat she bought Alice on Ebay.  It’s a little short in the sleaves but isn’t that the style this year anyway ;)?


And this is for Emily.  Here is Alice breaking in the dress she bought her at a garage sale.  I can’t remember the reason for this particular tantrum.

My older girls had a fun activity in their history co-op class.  They got to dress up as a historical figure from 1900-1950 and give a small, memorized speech about this person’s historical contribution.  They did so well!  They both spoke so clearly and projected so well even though they were both nervous.

Sophie as Alice Paul

Sophie as Alice Paul

Lilly as Isadora Duncan

Lilly as Isadora Duncan

Oh, and here is my new project–kombucha and kefir!  They are flanking the big bucket of raw, unfiltered local honey brought by the bee guy:




  1. What? That’s not Violet tantruming on your floor?

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