Posted by: Cindy | December 12, 2008

New family business

My parents and Ben have started a new family business.  To the benefit of our California relations I thought I’d share some pictures of the experience.

My mom ordered a semi-truck full of insulation–not on pallets!  It took some time getting it off the truck and was, I’m sure, quite the talk of the neighborhood.

This whole semi, full

This whole semi, full

A helluva lotta work

A helluva lotta work

Insulation canyon

Insulation canyon

They spent the next day hauling it down the hill to the shop in the trailer.

Ben is very proud of his new baby:


The previous owner was a little overboard with the stickers so we all got busy with the razor blades:

“]It used to say FORCLOSERS [sic].  I wish they'd left it LOSER.It used to say FORCLOSERS [sic].  I wish they’d left LOSER.



  1. Thanks for posting for us. We’ve been laughing for hours!

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