Posted by: Cindy | November 6, 2008

Eggs and Chickens

We are getting about a dozen eggs a day now.  My hens are nearly 6 months old.  Of the main flock (not counting the Phoenixes) there are at least 3 hens that still don’t look sexually mature and have yet to lay.  One of the Barred Rocks (her 2 “sisters” have been laying for weeks) and one of the white Leghorns (the other is laying beautifully) still have underdeveloped pinkish combs and wattles.  Perhaps they are the bottom of the pecking order and aren’t allowed as much food?  I’m not sure what to think.  I’m still not convinced that one of the easter-eggers is not a rooster.  It’s bigger than the other EE and is clearly not laying.  Not crowing either though.

Our Phoenix roo is crowing.  So far he has not shown any aggression towards us and still lets himself be bossed around by the bigger hens.  However, in his little flock he is king, and proudly has his way with his ladies.  He is so beautiful–check him out:


Getting eggs was a little bit of a challenge.  After finding hidden nests in the shrubbery we had to lock the hens in the pen for a few days to get them to lay in the coop.  Occasionally we still find an egg or two outside, but for the most part they’re laying where they should now.  Here is a day’s worth:


I don’t know which chicken is laying that tiny egg at the top but it much delighted Henry and he insisted on cooking it up right away:




He cooked it all by himself and claimed it was the best egg he’d ever eaten.

One more shot of my pretty eggs–we finally started getting a green one this week:


To my poor colorblind son the dark brown egg in front looks red, the green one looks brown, and he looked at me like I had two heads when I claimed that one was decidedly pink.  I wonder what the world looks like to him. . .



  1. beautiful eggs, and The yokes are so dark! I wish we were able to have chickens.

    Oh and it was good meeting you this last wednesday.

  2. OOOOH! I can’t WAIT til I have chickens!!! I see brown and pink and green and cream colored eggs… so beautiful!

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