Posted by: Cindy | October 5, 2008

More Gymnastics and Karate

Here are the promised pictures of Sophie at gymnastics.  I was hoping to get more action shots but the camera couldn’t be bothered to snap pictures when I commanded (the battery needed charging).

She’s having lots of fun even though she keeps complaining that her arms hurt afterward.

I couldn’t resist getting more pics of Henry.  He smiles like this the whole time:

(See him in the middle?)

(See him in the middle?)

I think he has a hard time actually believing that there’s such thing as a class where you get to kick and hit for a whole hour–a boy’s dream come true.  And here he is in meditation pose–something he obviously needs to work on.  He kept peeking and giggling.

And wouldn’t you know, the last picture of the day the camera cooperated perfectly (if only I had centered the picture better):


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