Posted by: Cindy | August 4, 2008

Apricots and Chickens

We still have apricots!  One of our trees is still producing.  I took this picture yesterday:

I’m getting creative with the recipes.  Two days ago Henry helped me make this:

Apricot salsa!  It was sooo tasty.  Everything but the lime juice came from the garden: apricots, tomatoes, hot peppers, cilantro, onion, and garlic.  Here is Henry enjoying his hard work:

Are we sick of apricots yet?  I think I am but this was still a good salad:

Our chickens are getting bigger.  Still no crowing or eggs–we’re at least a month away from that.  I still can’t decide how many roosters we have.  One of my neighbors has a rooster and I’m so glad–I don’t want to be the only one responsible for the noise!  Two days ago we decided they were getting big enough to venture out of their pen into the wide, wide world.  We’ve lost so many to predators that it makes me a little nervous.  It’s not complete free-ranging–they’re enclosed by field fence–but it’s close.  Here they are enjoying their new freedom:

Oh, and we’ve got a few additions to our flock!  We’re up to 23 chickens.  I bought some Phoenix pullets and a rooster from a man in Pleasant Grove.  Here are TomTom (named by Henry) and Ivy:

They are a few weeks older but much smaller than our other birds.  TomTom’s tail should get super long.  I know, I know–I shouldn’t have gotten a rooster, but I’m excited to see how his tail turns out.  So far he’s very timid–the other chickens pick on him terribly–so maybe he’ll never be very aggressive.

But that’s not all.  I was in Albertson’s last week and happened to see a flyer on the bulletin board for two free pullets.  Sophie emailed them right away and we are now the proud owners two more chickens:

The woman insisted that the bird on the left is a Rhode Island Red but I’m not convinced.  I’m thinking Speckled Sussex.  Sophie named them Freckles and Sock Monkey.

Our other chickens’ names and breeds:

2 RIR–Rhoda and Clementine

3 Barred Rocks–Izzy II, Lucy and Susan

2 Golden Sex-links–Minnie and Penny

2 California Whites–Noodle and Dottie (We had a third–RIP Pearl)

2 black unknown breed–Trixie and Roxy

1 Blue Andulasian–Sylvia

2 Easter-eggers (I think)–Chickadee and Cream

5 other Phoenixes–Meg, Mary, Rose, Polly, and Cinnamon



  1. YuM! both the apricot salsa and salad look yummy. I cant believe how many apricots you guys got! I love the chickens too, I told Chris I wanted to get some chickens and he just laughed and me…..He said our puppy would kill them! Maybe in a few years when he is grown up a bit… I have decided that I am moving to a bigger garden area…. hopefully within the next few weeks! yeah!!

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