Posted by: Cindy | July 20, 2008

The fruits of my labor

Two days ago I spied some red in my garden and it was–you guessed it–my first tomato!!

It tasted so good!

It's about time!

I swear I just checked my cucumbers a couple days ago and they were tiny.  But today, look!

A couple of hours later I had them turned into pickles:

You can see some of the hundreds of apricots in the background.  We’re swimming in them right now!  As soon as I get done with this entry I’ve got to go do something with them.

I think our peas are nearly done.  I took these pictures of Alice last week:

We didn’t have any peas left for freezing–they were so good we ate them all!  Pretty slim pickings with the bush beans–just a handful which I steamed and shared with Alice for lunch a few days ago.  I bet there’s a few more beans ripe out there now.

My pumpkins and winter squash appear to be doubling in size everyday.  There should be enough pumpkins for all the kids to have one to carve.



Winter squash

Winter squash

And to finish off, here is a picture Patrick took yesterday of some hot air balloons as viewed from the garden:



  1. WOW, look at you guys go! All those fruits and veggies look delicious. I cant believe you guys have pumpkins growing too. I want to plant some fruit trees some time soon too! Love the pictures of the HOT AIR balloons and the sunflowers.

    PS I just posted some pictures of my garden last week.

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