Posted by: Cindy | July 16, 2008

Good-bye lawn!

We’ve lived in our house for 4 years and the whole time I’ve hated our front lawn.  It’s weedy, thick-bladed, and bumpy–so bumpy it’s difficult to mow because the mower bounces all over the place.  Plus I think lawn in general is kind of a waste.  A little patch is good for turning cartwheels and playing croquet, but I can’t justify more than that.  You’ve seen my crowded garden–clearly I need more space!

My husband is in agreement.  He hates mowing and refuses to use artificial fertilizer (go Pat!).  In fact, at our last house he removed all the lawn–all at once.  That was a mistake because it was simply too much to try to plant and he had no plan.  We ended up having to bring more sod in before we sold the house.

So anyway, last month my brother, Ben (and his family) moved in with us.  Immediately he and Patrick began hatching a plan to turn the lawn into a vegetable garden.  Wisely they decided to do one patch at a time.  They started by killing the grass with plastic:

I’m not entirely convinced it was enough to kill our very resilient grass but it was a start.  Yesterday they decided the grass was dead enough and took the tractor to it:

Patrick disking

Patrick disking

Ben shovelling

Ben shoveling

Today they’ve been soaking the cleared soil to make it easier to turn over.  All that mud was a great temptation for all the kids:

This soil will need a lot of compost–it’s a very heavy clay:

Lilly with her clay ball

Lilly with her clay ball

Alice with the clay ball

Alice with the clay ball

I’ve drawn up a few different garden plans for this plat.  I think a front yard vegetable garden should be somewhat formal.  We are going to have brick (or paver) paths set at right angles and a fountain.  Unlike my chaotic and randomly planted backyard garden, this garden will be carefully planted, taking into account scale, color, and height.  There will be flowers as well as a few evergreen shrubs.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated on its progress!



  1. looks like the kids had fun! we have that heavy clay in our backyard too, its not fun to plant in…… but i do have carrots growing in it right now. haha I am curious to see how your front yard turns out… it sounds like it will be beautiful!

    PS what is Kylees blog? I would like to add hers too… I love reading what the fam is up too.

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