Posted by: Cindy | July 8, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Ok, Vegas sucks with kids.  Next time I go it will be adults only.  What is there to do with children except swim (and we can do that at home)?  I remember liking Circus Circus when I was younger but it’s too crowded and expensive now.  And kids, they wake up way too early in the morning!  Patrick didn’t come with me (hates Vegas in particular and vacations in general) so the night I went out drinking and dancing and gambling until 2 am (and I would have liked to go out longer) I had to get up with Alice at 6:30.  It was fun for a change of pace though.  I enjoyed hanging out with Nichole’s family and getting to know them better.  Her parents were very generous with us!  Here are some shots of the kids enjoying the pool: Lilly and Alice Sophie and Alice Henry and his waterfall in the hottub

I made this sunbonnet (I need to hone the design so that it has a bigger brim).  There is something about a baby in a bonnet that makes people smile.

We stopped by Aunt Nancy’s in Cedar City on the way down to Vegas.  My mom and Kimmy were there babysitting my grandpa so that Nancy and her family could get away for the weekend.  I wanted to get some pics of Alice with Grandpa but she was completely terrified of him.

Here is the first attempt–my mom holding Alice:

And the next day with me holding her:

My grandpa looks good in this candid shot Ben took:

He will be 90 next month and is my last surviving grandparent.  He is mostly senile–he knows he knows me but couldn’t tell you who I am.  I miss the old grandpa.



  1. Hi, I clicked on your blog from MDC. Great garden pictures!

    I wanted to comment that I actually love Vegas with kids. We’ve been twice now, when our DD was 2 and almost-3. She LOVED the Secret Garden at the Mirage; it’s like a small zoo. I hear the aquarium at Mandalay Bay is good, but we didn’t make it. The Chocolate Factory tour was short, like 20 minutes, but she enjoyed the free samples, LOL. She also enjoys eating at the casino buffets. Hiking out at Red Rocks is awesome. I’ve been told that there is a Chuck-E-Cheese type place that specializes in inflatable bouncy houses. She enjoyed driving along The Strip at night to see the lights, and I bet she would have liked the Bellagio water fountain show if we had stopped. There are also some child-friendly shows on The Strip, like the pet magician act.

    Ok, that’s probably WAY more information than you needed, LOL, but we just loved Vegas for family trips.


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