Posted by: Cindy | July 8, 2008

My garden survived a week without me

Next year I’m giving everything more space!  Look at the size of this pumpkin plant–it’s taking over the garden:

And here are my other pumpkin and winter squash plants:

The tomato plants are dwarfing the baby:

The recently-planted beans are looking good!  I’m a very random planter.  Maybe it would be better if I forced myself to plant in rows. . .

The area next to the beans I’m trying to get ready for planting fall crops.  I was going to do some Lasagna Gardening but the farthest I got with that was placing the cardboard on top.  I’m thinking now I will just pull the cardboard off, remove the weeds, add chicken poop, and turn the soil over a bit.

I tried to get a shot of the whole garden–it looks kind of chaotic from far away though:

The yellow grass below is our land.  Someday I’d like some goats or cows grazing there. . .

I took Alice down to see the chickens.  She loves her chickies!

Anyone know the breed on this grey chicken?  She’s very pretty (and I hope she’s a she).



  1. Hey Cindy!
    I love your blog! I was talking to Amanda yesterday and we were talking about gardens and food storage. I started my own garden this year too, for the first time. It is amazing to watch everything grow! Your garden looks great and its soooo BIG! I will now have to take garden tips from you and Amanda.

    PS. It was good to see pictures of your kids! They are getting so big and I cant believe how much Lily looks like you!! So Fun. Come over and check out our blog too, I will be stopping by yours a lot now.
    Tell the family HI!

  2. I love the pictures of Alice and the chickens! So cute!

    How do you upload pictures to this blog? I just started one and I can’t figure it out.


  3. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now, but just in case. . .When you bring up the window to make a new post, choose the first icon (a gray square inside a white square) where it says “Add Media”. It’s just above where you type. It will bring up a box to browse. Hope that helps. I’m normally the worst person to ask for computer advice.

    I can’t wait to see your blog! My cousin, Jenn wants to see it too.

    Are you still thinking about moving out this way?

  4. Hello ^^”! I came across your blog on a list of related links in wordpress; it’s really inspiring to see someone else doing well what we’re trying to do *^^* !! My boyfriend and I just started learning how to grow our own this year so we are very new at this and have started our own blog to record our adventures! If you have any advice for us, please let us know *^^*! ~x

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