Posted by: Cindy | July 1, 2008

This week in the garden

We are leaving tomorrow for Vegas and I’m already experiencing garden separation anxiety.  Is it going to be ok without me?  Patrick will be here to make sure it gets watered but I’m still worried about my new seedlings.  I’m trying to perfect continual planting.  In the past I have planted everything the middle of May and then that was that.  This year I’m planning a big fall garden.  Here are my very new beans that should be producing the end of August:

Hardly any of the beans I planted earlier germinated.  I think we let them dry out.  I have only 4 bush beans at the moment.

Here are my radish and swiss chard seedlings:

I’m worried about some of my plants.  My melon plant is still so tiny.  Maybe this is as big as it gets.  I’ve never had any luck with melons though :/.

(pardon the weeds–I pulled them up right after I snapped the pic.)

Something is eating my cauliflower and only one if my tomatillos:

The cauliflower got a bit of a bad start.  The second night they were in the garden they were discovered by a deer.  She gnawed off all the leaves and uprooted one completely.  Surprisingly, they survived and are thriving except for whatever insect is feasting on them.

Weeds!  What kind of weeds are these?  This is my newly sown seedbed carpeted with this weed.  I can’t very well hoe them out without disturbing my new seeds.  I’ve tried pulling them out by hand, but how tedious!

The peas are doing well and are oh-so-pretty:

Here is another shot of our garden guarder.  Alice is terrified of him.  He does look rather mean.  I need a name for him.  Any ideas?

Our berries are doing well!  Raspberries on the left, blackberries on the right:

We have a bit of a pest problem with the raspberries though:

Little girls who pick and eat the raspberries before they’re ripe!

Grapes, mulberries, and apricots:

And some of my herbs (mint, chives, and oregano).  I also have thyme, parsley, dill, marjoram, cilantro/corriander, and sage.

And our new shortcut into Page’s yard:



  1. I know what you mean about garden separation anxiety – i have to leave next week and though I know everything will be alright, I still have that dread feeling.

    As to the photo with the “weeds” (“Weeds! What kind of weeds are these? “) that is purslane. It is considered a weed in the U.S., but is grown on purpose in Europe as a food crop. Whenever I weed the garden I save a bunch to add to salads. It is delicious and nutritious. See here:

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the purslane! It’s good to know that it’s not only edible but healthy too. I’m going out to harvest some right now.

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