Posted by: Cindy | June 29, 2008


We are trying chickens again after a run of bad luck the past two years (predators be damned!).  We bought 10 sexed chicks from the feed store on May 9 and 5 straight run from This is the Place State Park the next day.  Here are our dear chicks when they were cute and fluffy:

And here are shots of them a couple of days ago running around their new pen:

This one I suspect is a rooster:

We have free-ranged flocks in the past, but city ordinaces say they must be penned.  And since I don’t want to have to appear in court again, they are kept in chicken jail.  It’s me or them, apparently.

This flock should begin giving us eggs sometime this fall, though we shouldn’t expect tons of eggs until spring.  I’ll keep you all posted :).


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