Posted by: Cindy | June 27, 2008

My garden

Usually I start tomato and pepper plants indoors in March but I didn’t get to it this year.  Instead I bought 4 big tomato plants from Costco and 11 heirloom seedlings at Wasatch Community Gardens for $1.50 each.  Here are my tomatoes, newly planted in the middle of May:

The bigger plants are from Costco.  Some of the smaller ones I put under plastic boxes to see if they would act as greenhouses.  It didn’t seem to help at all.  However, the two plants inside the walls of water grew much faster:

These two plants started out the same size but after a week in the wall, one plant is noticiably bigger.  Six weeks later, the walls of water removed, it’s hard to tell which plants were in the walls and which ones weren’t:

They’re all huge!  And, it seems, I’ve planted them too close together :/.  I’m kind of worried they dont’ have enough room.  We tilled chicken poop into our garden before we planted and apparantly it’s a very good fertilizer.  I’ve never had such big tomato plants this early in the season.

Here are some other shots of my garden, taken yesterday.

Tomatoes from the other direction:

They just started flowering in earnest:

My smallest plant has a couple of tomatoes already (I think the other plants have put more energy into growth than fruit, which should pay off in the end.  I suspect this plant isn’t getting as much water):

Peppers, squash, and tomatillos (the tomatillos I planted a couple of years ago and I guess I left a few fruits in the garden.  When we tilled it spread the seeds around and now it’s growing like weeds everywhere):

Carrots, which I made the mistake of planted way too close together.  I’ve been thinning endlessly and still have more work to do:

Zucchini and onions:

Peas by Pat:

Our garden guard!  We have deer problems, hence the fence.  Ben put together this dummy with swinging silver arms in a further effort to deter the deer.  So far it’s working, but it can be rather disconcerting to glance up while weeding and see a naked man standing in my garden!


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